Wall Supply Fan Assemblies

“Supplying Ambient Cooling Air is Vital to Ventilating Compressor Stations”

Attenuated Supply Fans with Birdscreen

Attenuated supply air fans with bird screen on a compressor station

Wall-mounted supply fans supply ambient outside air to the building to remove heated air produced by compressors, motors, and engines. A typical supply fan assembly includes a weather hood, louver, fan, damper, or diffuser.  When noise is an issue a silencer section is installed after the fan.  SysTech builds complete wall fan assemblies designed to be inserted as a package. This reduces handling and installation time for the installer.

Attenuated Wall Supply Fan Packages

  • Weather hood with bird screen
  • Manual, electric, pneumatic, or gravity damper
  • Paint to match
  • Fan diameter ranging from 24″ to 72″
  • Motors up to 30 HP
  • Motor including Hazardous Rated for Class 1, Division 1, Group environments
  • Adjustable pitch propellers
  • Non-sparking fan assembly
  • Silencer with site-specific Permissible Noise Level (PNL)
  • Size ranging from 24″ to 72″ L
  • Silencers containing integral perforated acoustical baffles
  • Up to 8 lbs/ft³ of acoustical media
  • Erosion protection with an internal layer of fiberglass cloth
  • Acoustical lining in the hood
Ambient Air intakes for Compressor Building Ventilation

Compressor building showing attenuation supply fan intake units with hoods