Roof Exhaust Fan Assemblies

“Roof Exhaust Fans with Noise Attenuation is a Ventilation Requirement”

Attenuated Roof Exhausts fans

Rooftop-mounted attenuated exhaust fans

Depending on the internal heat loads, roof exhaust fans are used in conjunction with louvered wall intakes in a push-pull ventilation configuration. These exhaust fans may be modified for noise attenuation and airflow control. An important feature for installation contractors is for the fan to be shipped to the site as a package that can be dropped into a roof opening.  Minimal field assembly is a cost-savings feature.

Roof Exhaust Fan Package Options

  • Weather hood with bird screen
  • Manual, electric, pneumatic, or gravity damper
  • Custom roof curb
  • Integral damper shelf
  • Application-specific roof-slope
  • Paint to match
  • Fan diameter ranging from 24″ to 72″
  • Motors up to 30 HP
  • Motor including Hazardous Rated for Class 1, Division 1, Group environments
  • Adjustable pitch propellers
  • Non-sparking fan assembly
  • Silencer with site-specific Permissible Noise Level (PNL)
  • Silencers containing integral perforated acoustical baffles
  • Up to 8 lbs/ft³ of acoustic media
  • Erosion protection with an internal layer of fiberglass cloth
  • Acoustic lining in the hood and roof curb
Compressor Station Exhaust Ventilation Fans

Compressor station attenuated roof exhaust fans