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“Ancillary Equipment for Compressor Building Ventilation”

Oil & Gas Building Ventilation using Cupolas

Compressor station ventilation heat relief using cupolas


Cupolas mounted on the roof are an option for building heat relief.  They can be used as part of a natural heat relief or pressurized ventilation design where wall fans force ambient outside air into the building, exhausting heat buildup.  Based on building design they are available as off-the-shelf designs or as custom fabrications.

Air Handlers

Air handlers form a part of the ventilation system where frequent air changes, tempering, or dilution is a requirement. A typical air handler houses a fan, heat exchanger, cooling coils, damper(s), air filters, and required controls.  Where noise is an issue, the unit will be constructed of double-wall insulated noise panels and be fitted with fan silencers.

Air handlers are available in several design and construction options:

  • Ground or roof-mounted
  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Single or double-wall housing
  • In-place bolt-together or all-welded unit
  • Inlet and outlet silencers
  • Multiple air filtration efficiency options
  • Specialty motors
  • Integrated Sensor Kits
Oil & Gas Building Air Handling Unit

Compressor stations with local stringent noise Codes require attenuation on all air handling units