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What Is Compressor Station Ventilation?

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Compressor Station Ventilation

The Oil and Gas industry requires ventilation systems for the removal of heat from buildings that contain compressors, motors, and engines. The primary design criteria are keeping transporting machinery running within designed temperature ranges, efficiently and without downtime.  Secondary, and in some cases equally important, is attenuation of the noise generated from the operation and quantity of ventilating fans. Beyond that, consideration is given to air filtration, handling potentially explosive gases, and operator safety.  Compressor station ventilation checks all these blocks and needs to be reviewed. Each building requires a ventilation system design based upon heat generated, building configuration, location of installation, and the gas company or engineers’ specifications.

Compressor Station Attenuated Roof Exhaust

Compressor station ventilation modules

Purge Fan with Gooseneck Intake Hood

Attenuated supply fan module with “gooseneck” hood

Compressor Station Ventilation Design Parameters

Design considerations for compressor station ventilation systems include:


  • Air changes per hour (ACH) – Typically included in bidding documents.
  • BTUH compressors, engines heat rejection
  • Building size
  • Solar loads
  • All equipment noise data
  • State and local ordinances
  • Environmental protection
  • Local weather conditions
  • Potential for hazardous gases
  • Available power